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When you lose a loved one, or when someone you care about is in need of protection, we’re here.

Michigan’s probate courts provide the venue for administering the estates of deceased individuals, and protecting incapacitated individuals and minors in need of assistance with their assets or care.  Our attorneys can assist you with all aspects of the probate process, from opening and administering a case, to litigating the various matters that can arise during the course of administration.

Whether deceased individuals have a will or not, it may be necessary to open a probate estate in order to transfer their property to relatives.  Our attorneys are equipped to walk you through the process step by step so that you can spend less time on business matters and more time caring for your family during a difficult time.

Wright Beamer can also take you through the process of appointing a guardian (to assist with care) or a conservator (to assist with financial matters) for those individuals who are unable to handle matters on their own.  Whether it is a minor child who has received money or property through a settlement or deceased estate, or an elderly individual who can no longer manage his or her affairs, we’ll make the process easy to understand and help it run as smoothly as possible.

Contact Wright Beamer today (248) 477-6300 to determine if an attorney-client relationship with our law firm is right for you and your family.